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Synthesia presents its range of Waterproofing Solutions

Polyureas and Polyurethane Membranes are elastomeric coatings, usually of two-component, but also mono-component. Once applied, they generate a continuous and highly resistant waterproofing coating. This type of coating allows the application of a continuous, jointless and highly flexible layer, adapting to any irregularity that the surface may present.

They offer high mechanical and chemical resistance (especially Pure Polyurea), providing watertightness and total insensitivity to humidity. On the other hand, they have excellent adhesion to any material, protection against corrosion and can be applied to damp surfaces after pre-treatment.

The properties of polyurea make it an ideal product for applications where waterproofing, protection and durability are essential. These coatings are suitable for roofs, roofing, facades, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, tanks, and industrial uses among many other applications.

  • Liquid Membranes (Hot)

Premium waterproof membranes that are formed from the high temperature and pressure application of their liquid components. It has high mechanical properties and high chemical resistance. Its excellent properties make it one of the most widely used membranes in works with high technical requirements.

You can consult the full range of products on:

Download the Coating | Polyurea | Polyurethane Membranes product sheets:


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You can also download a case study of a work carried out with our URESPRAY P-500 Polyurea System “Waterproofing of the Auditorium in the Cerro Almodovar Park in Madrid”

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