Reactive Hot Melts

Reactive Hot Melts (RHM) adhesives are isocyanate terminated prepolymers made from highly crystalline and/or amorphous polyester polyols and pure MDI. The advantage of RHM adhesives is that they combine the speed of a conventional hot-melt with the strenght of a reactive system. Besides, Reactive Hot Melt adhesives are solvent free. Synthesia Technology produces different saturated polyester polyols for RHM market and offers tailor-made solutions. 

Featured Products

Crystalline F-3000

Hoopol F-3000 is a linear polyester polyol with an average molecular weight of 3750.

Amorphous F-39032

Hoopol F-39032 is a linear polyester polyol with an average molecular weight of 3200.

Liquid FJ-20031

Hoopol FJ-20031 is a linear polyester polyol with and an average molecular weight of 5500.
ProductReference HOOPOLMol. Weight (g/mol)Melting Point (ºC)Glass Trans. Tª (ºC)Viscosity (mPa s)Downloads
CrystallineF-9002.00053---700 - 1.300 (60 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9703.00054---1.500 - 3.500 (60 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9722.70054---1.500 - 2.800 (60 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9323.75057---4.000 - 7.000 (60 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9025.50058---2.000 - 8.000 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9036.50059---2.000 - 6.000 (120ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-9118.50059---3.000 - 12.000 (130ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-30003.75071---2.000 - 4.000 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-75323.75082-202.500 - 6.500  (130 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-32303.75085---200 - 1.500 (130 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-242303.75090---400 - 1.100 (130ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-79313.75096---500 - 3.000 (130ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-889333.750106---2.600 (130 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
CrystallineF-889313.750120---3.000 - 5.000 (130 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
AmorphousF-56102.000---141.100 (130 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
AmorphousF-56303.500---162.000 - 6.000 (130 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
AmorphousF-46211.000---251.500 - 4.000 (120 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
AmorphousF-390303.200---299.000 - 16.000 (130 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
AmorphousF-390323.200---299.000 - 16.000 (130 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidF-370413.750----207.000 - 15.000 (80 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidF-49102.000----259.000 - 15.000 (60 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidF-370303.750----275.000 - 11.000 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidF-370313.750----274.000 - 10.000 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidF-370323.750----377.500 - 14.500 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS
LiquidFJ-200315.500----553.000 - 7.000 (80 °C)Technical Data Sheet TDS

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