Case Study: Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150

SYNTHEMAD rigid industrial wood imitation systems are systems specially designed for the manufacture of molded parts, in a wide range of densities and reaction times.

Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E: Modular buildings

The use of Synthesia Technology systems for insulation residential buildings based on steel structures, the new technology in Polish construction market.

Urelast 900 System: Waterproofing on terrace

It is a monocomponent polyurethane waterproofing membrane for liquid application, completely adherent to the surface and highly elastic for application and cold drying.

Insulation in modular buildings with S35RGB ECO

The adaptation of sea containers is a narrow and very original niche in construction. Its offer includes ready and tested solutions, although the majority of the project are individual, turnkey projects, which is the client’s idea.

Renovation fountain in Sabadell (Barcelona)

Receive by email, documents which contain details about: the rehabilitation works, the polyurethane system used in the project and its technical characteristics.

Insulation project in Bourscheid castle (Luxembourg)

The insulation project required a solution for floor insulation complying with the strict environmental regulations in place in Luxembourg, where HFCs have been banned since 2017. This project was carried out with the new technology F-Gas compliant Poliuretan Spray S-383-HFO. 

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