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Flexible Foam

All types of diacid/diol combinations with different molecular weights and functionalities for the flexible foam market: Standard saturated polyester polyols based on adipic acid and glycols, with functionalities between 2.0 and 3.7. Low fogging version of standard and polymeric polyesters. Unique type of polymeric polyesters as the result of a vinylic polymerisation of monomers into the standard polyester matrix. 


  • ⬆ mechanical properties and ⬇ densities
  • Savings of TDI 65
  • Cell size regulation ➡ less scrap ➡ better economy
ProductReference HOOPOLOHV (mg KOH/g)Viscosity (mPa s 25 ºC)Downloads
Polyester PolyolF-740-SF58 - 6217.000 - 21.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-772-P58 - 6217.000 - 21.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolQ-5014207 - 21918.000 - 22.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-7872-SF53,5 - 57,520.000 - 30.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-7812-SFC51 - 5527.000 - 37.000Technical Data Sheet TDS

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