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Synthesia Technology produces all types of combinations diacids, diols, molecular weights and functionalities for the footwear market: Standard saturated polyester polyols based on adipic acid and monoethyleneglycol and/or diethyleneglycol and/or 1,4 butanediol, with functionalities between 2.0 and 2.7.

Synthesia Technology produces an unique type of polymeric as the result of a vinylic polymerisation of monomers into the standard polyester matrix.


  • ⬆ mechanical properties and ⬇ densities
  • Savings of MDI ➡ formulation economy
  • Skin improver in only water based formulations
  • Cell size regulation

Featured Products

Polyester Polyol F-110-1000

Hoopol F-110-1000 is a linear polyester polyol with an average molecular weight of 2000.

Polymeric Polyester PM-245

Hoopol PM-245 is a slightly branched polyol modified with a polymer dispersion.

Polymeric Polyester PM-2245

Hoopol PM-2245 is a slightly branched polyol modified with a polymer dispersion.
ProductReference HOOPOLOHV (mg KOH/g)Viscosity (mPa s 60 ºC)Downloads
Polyester PolyolF-110-100054 - 58900 - 1.200Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-11354 - 581.000 - 1.600Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-17144 - 481.500 - 1.800Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-17354 - 601.000 - 1.800Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-772-P58 - 6217.000 - 21.000 (25 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-24557 - 631.500 - 3.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-224560 - 642.500 - 5.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-44557 - 631.000 - 3.000Technical Data Sheet TDS

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