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Polyurethane Spray

The projected polyurethane foam is a consequence of the chemical reaction of its two components, polyol and isocyanate, which is applied by means of a projection equipment or machine on any dry and clean up surface, offering a continuous insulation system without thermal bridges. This foam is an excellent insulating material due to its low thermal conductivity (l ≤ 0,028 W m/K), offering the best insulation with the smallest thickness. Its speed of execution and durability, more than 50 years, makes it the ideal insulating material in construction and industry. 

Synthesia offers two systems of projected polyurethane foam, closed cell for thermal insulation and waterproofing and open cell for thermal and acoustic insulation. The combination of both systems offers the only continuous thermoacoustic waterproof system on the market.

Solutions for every project

Spray Foam Close-cell (Insulation & Structural)

Spray Foam Closed-cell is a two-component system (Polyol + Isocyanate) for thermal insulation and good reaction to fire, available in different densities for different applications. Contain >90% closed cells, which, as a result, provide excellent thermal insulation.

Spray Foam Open-cell (Acoustic & Thermic)

Spray Foam Open-cell is a two-component system (Polyol + Isocyanate) for acoustic and thermal insulation, available in different densities for varied applications. The main characteristic of these systems is the open-cell internal structure (<20%) which gives them very good acoustic and thermal absorption properties.

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