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SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY EUROPE S.L. is one of the members of the consortium of the ECLIPSE project “Research of new recycling and recovery technologies for complex plastic waste”.

This project focuses on the research of new technological routes for recycling and revalorisation of complex polymeric waste that represent a disruptive advance compared to the state of the art, in terms of separation, recycling, purification and chemical synthesis of building blocks that allow the obtaining of new high quality recycled polymers giving an alternative to mechanical recycling where it cannot reach.

This objective will be achieved through research in processes of separation and identification of complex polymeric waste, mixed technologies of thermal, chemical and biotechnological recycling, processes of isolation and purification of chemical units of high industrial interest, synthesis of chemical specialities, polymeric formulations and eco-design of products. 

In addition, this technological transversality provided by ECLIPSE in the different recycling processes to be addressed will allow a significant improvement in sustainable development and in the circular economy of the plastics sector by minimising waste generated, reducing energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

The ECLIPSE consortium is made up of 8 companies:

The ECLIPSE project has been subsidised by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, with co-funding from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, in the 2021 call of the Science and Innovation Missions Programme, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the State Programme to Catalyse Innovation and Business Leadership of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023. 

Implementation period: 01/11/2021 – 31/12/2024.

For more information, please visit the project’s website: