Floral Foams

An open-cell moulded foam for dry and wet applications that is used as a base for flower arrangements of all types of flowers (natural or artificial)

ProductFree Density (Kg/m³)Ratio Pol./IsoWorking Time (sec)Key FeaturesDownloads
Poliol 7646-M-21 / H-25C21100/14015

  • Moulded floral foam

  • Low density

  • Natural flowers

Technical Data Sheet TDS
Poliol 7645-M-27 / H-25C27100/11018

  • Moulded floral foam

  • Medium density

  • Artificial flowers

Technical Data Sheet TDS
Poliol 7690 / H-25C31100/13030

  • Floral foam blocks

Technical Data Sheet TDS

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