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Synthesia externally verified in 2024 the CO2 emissions of 57 Polyester Polyols

As a key part of our corporate strategy, Synthesia has undergone a third-party verification of our in-house calculations in accordance with ISO 14067 standards. This ensures that Synthesia can deliver customers the comprehensive Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) assessments, covering the entire portfolio. Notably, this includes 57 HOOPOLs/BIO-HOOPOLs that have been externally verified for different Polyurethane markets such as Rigid, RHM, CASE, Flexible, and Footwear.

This milestone represents a significant advancement within our Sustainability strategy. By providing transparent PCF data, we are fostering closer collaboration with our customers in mitigating CO2 emissions along the entire value chain.

Furthermore, this verification highlights our commitment to Sustainability giving continuity to the latest Synthesia developments based on Recycled and Renewable raw materials.

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