Liquid membrane (cold)

Cold liquid polyurea membrane for waterproofing and protection. A product that gives an elastic, fully bonded to the substrate creating a continuous, elastic membrane.


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Urelast 1002Polyurethane-Polyurea/Solvent Free

  • Is a waterproofing polyurethane-polyurea membrane of two components

  • It offers a continuous, crack-free coating

  • Remains elastic at low temperatures

  • Used to waterproof surfaces in direct contact with drinking water (certificate) and for the odourless waterproofing of wet areas

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Urelast 9001Polyurethane/Solvent

  • One-component, polyurethane waterproofing membrane

  • It is cold drying

  • Used to waterproof roofs, balconies and terraces, wet areas as well as garden beds and flower boxes

  • It also waterproofs and protects concrete structures, such as bridges and tunnels, as well as insulating polyurethane foam

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Urelast 2000 aq1Polyurethane/Water Based

  • One-component elastic membrane applied as a liquid

  • It is a 100% water-based polyurethane

  • It forms a crack-free membrane that prevents seepage

  • Used to waterproof roofs, balconies and terraces, wet areas

  • Waterproof and protect concrete structures such as bridges and tunnels; and to protect polyurethane foam

  • Unlike the Urelast 900, it needs to be applied in thin layers, dries by temperature, and does not accept catalysts to speed drying

  • It is supplied in plastic drums

  • Not recommended for covered applications or places where water accumulates (in these cases apply the Urelast 900)

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Urelast Primer AQ2Epoxy

  • Two-component primer based on epoxy resin and water-based.

  • Used as a primer for polyurethane membranes and sealants on non-absorbent surfaces

  • On wet concrete surfaces and as a bonding membrane

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Urelast Pigmento AC2Acrylic

  • Polyurethane topcoat (hydroxylated acrylic resin + aliphatic polyisocyanate)

  • Pool protection

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Urelast Pigmento PU1Polyurethane

  • One-component, pigmented, aliphatic varnish

  • It is UV stable, cold applied and dried, highly elastic and used to protect polyurethane membranes.

  • Used for public areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic

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