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Creating a sustainable world is something we all have in mind. Recycle, take care of our seas and forests, reduce CO2 emissions … These are small gestures that can make a difference.

That is why Synthesia Technology has joined an initiative that promotes attitudes and ways of living conceived to reduce the environmental impact of our activity on the ecosystem. This project was born from the need to change the world with small gestures of sustainability that seek an immediate effect on the life of each one of us.

Thanks to the support of Kingspan and the union of the Ecoalf Foundation, Synthesia Technology, Huurre and Kingspan Insulation, this project includes a strict and rigorous process based on the following chain:

Kingspan sponsors and provides grants to grow the project.

The Ecoalf Foundation coordinates the collection of marine waste through its pioneering project “Upcycling the Oceans”, with the aim of cleaning the oceans and giving marine debris a new life through recycling. Part of the recovered plastic becomes fashion items for the sustainable brand Ecoalf, and Synthesia Technology uses another part to create polyols.

synthesia pet oceanic plastic

Synthesia Technology receives the PET plastic waste that is collected from the sea and incorporates it into the 250 million PET bottles that are already recycled and transformed into polyol, the main raw material used to manufacture insulation. This is one of the main raw materials in the production of insulating polyurethane, thus incorporating a percentage of plastic recovered from the sea into this production cycle. This 250 million bottle figure will rise to 1 billion recycled bottles by 2025, helping to prevent the bottles from going to landfill or worse, to the sea.

At the end of the process, Huurre uses this recycled PET polyol developed by Synthesia Technology, which also contains recovered oceanic PET and formulated with recycled PET plastic bottles to manufacture high-performance sandwich panels with an insulating polyurethane core, giving an effective reuse of this waste. This recycled PET polyol is also used in high performance insulation panels, manufactured by Kingspan Insulation in Spain.

The most relevant aspect of polyurethane sandwich panels is the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, and consequently of the quality of life of the people who inhabit them.

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