Thermoplastic polyurethane system in multiple applications

Thermoplastic polyurethane, one of the many varieties of polyurethane, stands out for its great flexibility. This system allows the most varied uses and is present in multiple products from industries such as furniture, automotive, casings, etc.

Polyester Polyols | Industrial Systems | CASE

ProductReference HOOPOLMol.Weight (g/mol)Viscosity (mPa s 60 ºC)Downloads
Linear AliphaticF-1231.000300 - 350Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticS-101-552.0001.050 - 1.350Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-5012.0001.300 - 1.500Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-5314.0006.000 - 10.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-5803.0003.000 - 4.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-102012.0001.500 - 2.000Ficha Técnica TDS
Linear AliphaticF-106702.6502.300 - 2.700Ficha Técnica TDS
Linear AliphaticS-1042-552.000800 - 1.300Ficha Técnica TDS
Linear AliphaticS-1063-120950250 - 350Ficha Técnica TDS
Linear Aliphatic/AromaticsF-9920950400 - 600Ficha Técnica TDS

Polyester Polyols | Industrial Systems | Green Polyester Polyols

Reference BIO-HOOPOLBIO content* %Mol.Weight (g/mol)Melting Point (ºC)Viscosity (mPa s)Downloads
115011002.000112250 (130ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
115201001.000104~50 (130ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
1153140-504.000113400 - 1.600 (130ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS
115321004.000113400 - 1.600 (130ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS
115331003.90096600 (130ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS
120031002.000521.100 (60ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS
125301003.750623.000 (80ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS
12930643.750671.000 - 4.000 (80ºC)Ficha Técnica TDS

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