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Solutions for the footwear industry

We offer solutions for the footwear industry with important qualities and benefits that provide great resistance, flexibility, versatility of finishes and workability thanks to its diversity of densities to adapt to different types of footwear and/or finishes.

Polyester Polyols | CASE

ProductReference HOOPOLMol.Weight (g/mol)Viscosity (mPa s 60 ºC)Downloads
Linear AliphaticF-1162.000960 - 1.440 Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-1231.000300 - 350Technical Data Sheet TDS
Linear AliphaticF-4122.0007.000 - 9.000 (25ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS

Polyester Polyols | Footwear

ProductReference HOOPOLOHV (mg KOH/g)Viscosity (mPa s 60 ºC)Downloads
Polyester PolyolF-110-100054 - 58900 - 1.200Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-11354 - 581.000 - 1.600Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-17144 - 481.500 - 1.800Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-17354 - 601.000 - 1.800Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-772-P58 - 6217.000 - 21.000 (25 ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-24557 - 631.500 - 3.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-224560 - 642.500 - 5.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-44557 - 631.000 - 3.000Technical Data Sheet TDS

Polyester Polyols | Green Polyester Polyol

Reference BIO-HOOPOLBIO content* %Mol.Weight (g/mol)Melting Point (ºC)Viscosity (mPa s)Downloads
9110>902.000332.500 (40ºC)Technical Data Sheet TDS

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