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Solutions for bathroom accessories

These solutions for bathroom accessories offer the best properties in hardness, resistance, and useful life, standing out for their versatility and range of finishes for new decorative touches.

PU Systems | Industrial Systems
Polyurethane Composite Systems

ProductSHORE Hardness (ShD)Ratio Pol./IsoWorking Time (sec)Key FeaturesDownloads
Poliol 956080100/6070

  • Technical parts, decoration, shower

  • Fast curing and low viscosity

Technical Data Sheet TDS
SyntheDUR 701175100/56150

  • Technical parts

  • Long working time

Technical Data Sheet TDS
Poliol 728675100/100130-150

  • Technical pieces, decoration, shower trays, bathroom countertops

Technical Data Sheet TDS
Poliol 734375100/60300

  • Technical parts, decorative panels

  • Very long working time

Technical Data Sheet TDS

PU Systems | Industrial Systems | Adhesives and Binders

ProductComponentsTypeRatio Pol./IsoBrookfield viscosity 22 ºC (cPs)Working Time (sec)Key Features
Adhesivo SK 11 R-V2PU Filled
MDI Based
100/2335.00030/60 (min)

  • Filled

  • High viscosity

  • Long shelf life

Technical Data Sheet TDS

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