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Creativity and Knowledge
SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY was founded in 1964 with private capital. It started operations in the chemical industry, manufacturing facade pains, plastisols and urea-formaldehyde insulations.

In the late 60’s started its activity in the field of polyurethane, one of which has had the greatest development within the business group. SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY is currently one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and the SYNTHESIA brand represents a benchmark in the residential and industrial insulation markets.

In order to consolidate its presence and leadership in the market, SYNTHESIA has committed from the beginning to strongly encourage research and development, being nowadays one of the few independent companies in the industry with its in-house technology. This enables us to differentiate ourselves and focus much of the activity on the development of specific products, tailored to our customers’ needs.

The industrial activity of the SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY GROUP is carried out through its subsidiaries, SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY EUROPE, SYNTHECOAT and SYNTHESIA TECHNOLOGY AMERICAS, being based on the production and sale of polyurethanes (raw materials and systems), saturated polyesters and resins. The company also profits from a wide export activity. 


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News & Events
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