Solutions for the marine industry

Boats benefit from polyurethane in a number of ways. These systems deliver fillings that guarantee good insulation and buoyancy, key requirements for obtaining quality markings and important differentiation.

ProductReference HOOPOLOHV (mg KOH/g)Viscosity (mPa s 25 ºC)Downloads
Polyester PolyolF-740-SF58 - 6217.000 - 21.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolF-772-P58 - 6217.000 - 21.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polyester PolyolQ-5014207 - 21918.000 - 22.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-7872-SF53,5 - 57,520.000 - 30.000Technical Data Sheet TDS
Polymeric PolyesterPM-7812-SFC51 - 5527.000 - 37.000Technical Data Sheet TDS

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