Modified acrylic copolymer, polyester and epoxy ester water dilutable products for functional coatings that show outstanding performances suitable for different substrates.
Product Type Solvent and co-solvent Solid Content, % Brookfield viscosity 25 ºC CPs Acididy index
mg KOH/g resin 100%
MFFT, ºC Tg, ºC Main uses and principal characteristics
Accuapol 6551 BG-70 Water dispersable modified alkyd resin for stoving enamel systems in top coat applications Butylglycol 70 20 – 600
(50% Butylglycol)
48 - 69     Films made out with the ACCUAPOL 6551 show a good balance of mechanical physical and chemical resistance properties
Accuapol 9050 BG-70 Water dispersable modified polyester resin for stoving enamel systems in top coat applications Butylglycol 70 6000 - 14000 29,5 - 34     Combined with water soluble melamine resins (preferably hexamethoxy methyl melamine grade) to stove cured systems. To this combination suitable stoving range is 20 - 30 minutes at 140 - 160 ºC, it depends on the melamine
This Waterborne enamels have good mechanical properties, flexibility and adhesion, as well a good yellowing resistance
Accuapox 6550 Water dispersable ester-epoxy acrylic resin for primers applications Butylglycol 70 8000 - 14000 45 - 55     Anticorrosive primers.
In combination with ACCUAFER 2042 for air and forced drying, over metal, plastic and wood surfaces.
Stoving drying coatings in combination with melamine resins. 
Accuafer 2042 W/B modified acrylic copolymer emulsion   42     <29 39 Varnishes for plastic.
Paints for metal.
Anticorrosive primers DTM. 

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